Friday, July 5, 2013


Last week I had the opportunity to visit my friend Dongwook Kim in his hometown. He lives in a cool city called Daegue, in the southern part of Korea. I think my favorite part was getting to see the Kwang Seok memorial; Kwang Seok was a musician from who like Van Gogh became very famous posthumously. He was semi-famous before his death, but for whatever reason his death seemed to spark interest in his music and it was then that people realized how good his music was. He was a great poet and songwriter and he now has a whole section of town that has been built to honor him.

Well here are the pictures I took, I hope you enjoy my amateur photography and my insightful commentary.

 Waiting for the train at Suwon Sation
 Here's my train, it was nice riding in first class. Not actually the ticket I meant to buy though. Oh well.
 A picture of Daegue station
 This is the snack car, they also had some computers, and massage chairs. I like the train.
 Old Daegue
 Old Daegue
 New Daegue
 The street that separates old Daegue and new Daegue
 Old Daegue and new Daegue are very popular places to visit on the weekend, there are lots of shops and restaurants.
 Some more shops.
 This is the central part of new Daegue and at night from time to time performers will come and play on that stage.
 Look at all the stuff to do.
 It really is everywhere.
 Debec is a locally owned shop, most everywhere else in Korea you will see Lotte mart or homeplus but Daegue is a fairly independent and likes having local businesses.
 Daegue is one of the hotter places in Korea, so the city built these open fountains for the kids to cool off in.
 Typical Korean commercial street.
 Daegue underground, pretty cool place and a nice escape from the sun.
 A tasty snack at the movie theatre.
Old Daegue

These next series of photos are of the Kwang Seok memorial. It is cool, because the wall is a compilation of art projects dedicated to interpreting his music and his life.

 Basically it means, "Daegue loves Kwang Seok"

Me and Kwang Seok

I had a great time in Daegue, it was a cool town with lots to see, do and eat!